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"I completed the structural integration ten series with Andrea. It changed my life. I was in pain everyday. After a few sessions the pain began to fade away and my body felt more balanced. I won't lie, at times the treatment was uncomfortable. But short term discomfort is better than chronic pain. Andrea is so friendly and in tune with you during treatment. I have recommended her to many friends." 

-Robyn S.


"Willa is amazing!! I've been seeing her for several months now.  She's always the sweetest kindest most flexible person in the business. I can never fall asleep in public. It's a trust/security issue. Willa puts me to sleep every time. Her touch and personal energy is beyond compare. I have never been so comfortable to actually fall asleep, sometimes snore haha She has magic hands. I have chronic neck pain and I had recently sustained an injury at work. She always brings relief. I highly recommend integrity Bodyworks make an appointment with Willa today you won't regret it.  You can even schedule online, it's incredibly convenient."

-Bekki F.

​"Andrea is a great Structural Integration therapist. She knows how you find the problems of the problems, and has done so much to reduce my lower back pain."

-Tania N.


"I got an hour massage from Andrea and she produced a pure miracle! My body felt so relaxed and pain free after she worked on it. She is caring and professional! Thank you Andrea! I am very grateful!"

-Ronit C.


"Great service, Andrea really listens and works with you and is very in tune to what you need and what your body is willing to give and take during your massage. Can't recommend her highly enough."

-Nick F.

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